Carlos Aguilera

Exhibition views at Mustang Art Gallery, 2015 →


"When you are born in a place, you just accept the fact that this place is what it is: in general, a few streets and the people who live in them.

According to our profession, our biography, we all end up specializing in seeing things in a certain way. The perspective of the inhabitant of a place, who, to a great extent spends their time just being local, is probably the most unespecific outlook. Apart from other things, this is because if they want to get on well with their neighbors there must be a certain consensus among them: this place is what it is.

For an artist (in fact, for anyone) seemingly the easiest thing to do would be to talk about something you know. However, data is so contaminated, it's so filtered; interaction with your own thoughts is all so complicated, that talking about it with the least equanimity is alms impossible. Although it seems simple, becoming an impartial observer of the actual own origins is really a difficult exercise.

You have to go very far away, master a specific standpoint and then go back to be able to analyze the house itself. In this case, it's the journey itself. Just like someone else went to Salamanca to study Law, the artist goes on a pilgrimage to explore their innermost self to become a specialist in a certain way of seeing things. The experiment involves asking them to come


back an use their criterion (their profession) in their own territory. And when they do so, to their own surprise, they realize what they have got. A dissonant vision of what was formerly just homeland, just mother country, just familiar things".

Extract from Mapped City, a text by Luis López Navarro for the Ciudad Elegida catalog.